Compassion and Insight Rural Retreats

Unfolding of our human potential

If you have attended a mindfulness based living course and are wanting to learn more about developing compassion and insight, then join the Insight group, held by-weekly at the meditation Centre ( Kagyu Samye Dzong) in Kenilworth. This group is co-facilitated by Rob Nairn and Jenny Canau, every second thursday of each month. The group is now in it’s sixth year and welcomes new participants  at the beginning of each year by running a 5 day rural retreat in Stanford.
The Rural retreat focuses on Compassion and Insight as taught by leading meditation teacher Rob Nairn. We train in being present, responding with compassion and seeing deeply our habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This frees us from the conditioning that governs and limits our lives and results in an unfolding of our human potential to make choices about how we live in connection with ourselves and our world.
The Rural 5 day retreat is held annually at Hearth & Soul farm, and provides delicious vegetarian meals and single and shared accommodation on request.
To join the insight group and annual rural retreat- contact Jenny  at