A One Year Course

For beginners and experienced meditators who want to deepen their meditation experience.

Free one-hour taster session on 21 February at 6:30 pm.

Taking place over four weekends from March to October 2020 at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute, Cape Town.

In association with by the Mindfulness Association UK.

Have you been curious about Mindfulness, or would you like to deepen your existing practice?

This innovative, popular and very successful course consists of four weekends and is the foundation year of the Mindfulness Association training programme which progresses through Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Mindfulness for Life. Our programme provides in-depth training, ongoing support and the opportunity to create a “community of practice” to those wishing to embed mindfulness and compassion into the fabric of their lives.
The Mindfulness Association has led the way in incorporating compassion into all their trainings from the very beginning, with the understanding that growing our awareness, including self-awareness – letting the light into our inner environment – requires an attitude of kindness to self and others if we are to disarm the inner critic, foster resilience and meet the world with an open heart.
We believe that Mindfulness offers most when it is seen as a way of life, and to this end we provide training and ongoing support from qualified, experienced and committed trainer/practitioners.

Cost is R6000 for the year, run over 4 weekends.

Download the PDF One Year Mindfulness and Compassion training programme & Registration Form here:

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