We are all already Mindful

We are already mindful, we all have awareness and an ability to be present, awake and alert to whatever is arising within and around us. We are mindful when we are able to be with ourselves and our circumstances, moment by moment with an open and accepting attitude to whatever is arising.
This inherent capacity to be mindful is what allows us to do well at anything, to be connected and partake in the present moment, whether we are listening to someone speak, working on a project or playing our favourite sport.
We lose our mindfulness when we become distracted by our worries, distressed by past events, ruminate about unresolved issues and get stuck in our negative and disturbing emotions. This happens daily and takes away our ability to live our lives to the fullest with presence and care.

What is Mindfulness Training

We can train and grow our mindfulness capacity by using meditation, reflection and daily practices. In this way we are able to live with growing awareness, insight and care.
Its is a science of mind where we learn to look inward, to get to know ourselves and to see how our minds work. It enables us to notice when we get lost or distracted by our habitual patterns of worry/distress and enables to become more present to our lives. It literally grows our brain’s capacity in terms of attention, memory, focus, higher cognitive function and most importantly our sense of well-being and happiness. It improves our ability to live our lives to the fullest with presence and care.

Benefits of Compassion based mindfulness

Mindfulness training is compassion based, so we are learning to be kind, and to take care of ourselves in our present moment experience. We develop self-compassion by learning to self-sooth in times of difficulty and suffering. This ability to be kind and to take care of ourselves during difficulty is what grows inner-resilience and a deep sense of well being. It also helps us to connect to people in our lives in a deeper and more beneficial way and makes us feel inter-connected to our broader community and environment. It is the most beneficial life-skill that we can continue to develop and grow during our lifetime. It enables us to live our lives to the fullest with presence and care.

Training for everyone

Mindfulness training is secular (non-religious) and based on fundamental human principals of the nature of our minds and is backed by leading neuroscience. The courses are designed for all people of all ages, from diverse religions, cultures and backgrounds.