A course for everyone

Once a year

Compassion based mindfulness is about learning to become our own best friend, and treating ourselves the way we treat those we love and appreciate. The mindfulness course look at ways to work with ourselves as we are, to be able to cope more skillfully with the challenges that life presents.  We practice learning to bring our often distracted minds into the present moment using sound or our breath as a focus. This helps reduce the habits of over-thinking, worrying, regret, and other unhelpful mind-preoccupations. We practice mindful communication to deepen our listening skills and to learn to connect deeply with people in our lives. We also learn skills for bringing mindful awareness into our everyday life and into times of difficulty when we might otherwise use denial or distraction to avoid experiencing our feelings. In this way we can develop increasing acceptance and gentleness towards ourselves rather than anxiety and a futile urge to control our internal environment as a strategy to avoiding inner conflict. This leads to more acceptance and better communication with others around us too.
The 8-week mindfulness course is taught worldwide due to its well-researched and proven benefits:
  • It improves our ability to experience more calm and gain inner-stability
  • It increases our emotional resilience and sense of well-being
  • It grows our ability to pay attention, to focus and to improve our memory and overall cognitive function

Living Mindfully: The 8 week mindfulness is available to the public and the venue used is at the  Michael Oak Warldorf school, in Kenilworth.

Participants can apply for a reduction in price should there be any financial constraints.
Contact Jenny for dates, queries or registration: