Mindfulness Training for Educators/Teachers

Supporting the well-being of teachers

As educators, we are acutely aware of our highly pressurised and demanding jobs, which at times cause us considerable tension and stress. Frequently, we feel overwhelmed by our tight deadlines and schedules, our class dynamics and student/parent pressure. Despite the “overload”, we continue to offer care and support to our students, school and parent communities but usually at the high price of self-sacrifice. As caretakers, we need to take steps to ensure our own well-being by learning to take care of ourselves before the inevitable exhaustion and burn-out set in.
Mindfulness training is an internal education which focuses on how our own minds work, and is based on current leading neuroscience. It grows our inner capacity to stabilise our thoughts and emotions and to engage whole-heartedly and constructively with difficulties in life. It is essential for our personal and professional growth, and the most life-changing skill we can learn throughout our lives.

Benefits: The 8 week Mindfulness course, is taught worldwide to educators as: 
  • It reduces stress and increases self-awareness, self-regulation and self-management.
  • It grows the capacity to develop a sense of calm, inner stability and mental resilience.
  • It enhances the ability to recognise and let go of ingrained emotional triggers and negative habitual patterns.
  • It grows the ability to focus, pay attention and become less reactive and more responsive with regard to one’s interactions.
  • It improves the sense of well-being and happiness.

Naptosa – National Professional Teachers’ Organisation of South Africa – is a national professional teacher’s organisation which specialises in teacher training. 

The 8 week mindfulness course will be available to teachers/head’s of staff and school principals through Naptosa-Western Cape. This is a SACE approved course worth 10 CPD points.

Dates: 2019 dates still to be confirmed.
To register or for more information contact Hendrika Long: